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Livestock Shows/4-H and FFA

Brush your sheep and water your cattle 'cause the New Mexico State Fair Junior Livestock Show and Sale is BACK for 2022!

DNA Deadline is June 15 for the following species:
  • Steer/Market Heifers
  • Swine and Market Swine
  • Goats and Market Goats
  • Sheep and Market Sheep
Please send all DNA envelopes to the Livestock office at the NMSF. If it has already been sent to the NMDA it will be picked up from there. DNA is not required for Wether Does.

New Mexico State Fair
Attn: Livestock Office
PO Box 8546
Albuquerque, NM 87198

CLICK HERE to submit your entry

Entry deadline for all species will be August 1st. Your YQCA and W9 will be due at the time of the entry deadline .

YQCA Certification Will Now Be A Required for All Junior Market Animals & Jr. Replacement Dairy Heifers

Any exhibitor entering a Junior Market Show or the Junior Replacement Dairy Heifer Show at the New Mexico State Fair is required to take the YQCA test and receive their YQCA Certificate of Completion.

The YQCA otherwise known as the YOUTH FOR QUALITY CARE OF ANIMALS is multi species assurance program. to obtain your certification if you have not already done so.

This will replace Market Certification Forms that were required in the past. If an exhibitor has already received their YQCA Certification, they can upload their certificate with their entry.

All exhibitors will have to upload YQCA certificate with their entry online.

Updates and changes:
  • 10 goats will be sold in the Junior Auction
  • A Wether Doe show will be added to the 2022 NMSF. The Wether Doe show will be prior to the Market Goat show. These animals are not eligible for the Junior Auction.
  • Top 5 will be picked in the Junior Beef, Swine, Sheep and Goats.

If you have any questions please email the NM State Fair Livestock Department at

2022 Schedule of Events

2022 Junior Livestock Show Judges

Junior Market Goats & Junior Wether Does: Brandon Morgan - Newcastle, OK

Junior Market Sheep: Brent Titus - Alexis, IL

Junior Market Swine: Chad Day - Atlanta, IN

Junior Market Beef & Junior Breeding Heifers: Frank Ward - Orlando, CA

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